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English Time Trials

Passage 1

1. B
Parallel structure. “Agree”, “meet”, and “resolve” are all present tense.

2. D
“Citizens” is the most specific word that defines who the sentence is speaking of. “Them” is a vague pronoun; we don’t know who it refers to.  

3. A
Comma hug is the appropriate choice for nonessential information.  

4. C
The phrase specifies what schools are being talked about. Without it, it can mean any school. 

5. A
Introductory phrase. The first part of the sentence is not complete, so it needs a comma before the independent clause. 

6. A
The answer adds a definition for a word most readers are not familiar with.

7. C
Note the NOT in the question. This answer creates a comma splice: two complete sentences separated by a comma. 

8. B
No colon is needed since none of the colons follow a complete sentence.

9. A
The defender is singular and protecting himself. “Themself” is not a word. 

10. D
DELETE is correct more than 50% of the time. ‘Hits’ and ‘touches’ are essentially the same. 


11. C
“Dart” suggests speed. None of the other options convey speed. 

12. A
An introductory phrase must immediately be followed by the subject it refers to, in this case, the ‘epee’. 

13. D
Combination of an introductory phrase and a dash hug (not needed to have a full sentence).

14. D
DELETE is correct more than 50% of the time. The other options are redundant.

15. B
The focus is on general information and weapons, not the people in fencing.

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