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Reading Time Trials

Passage 1

1. B
Parallel structure. “Agree”, “meet”, and “resolve” are all present tense.

1. A
Line 82 states his name.

2. C
The main theme is that Mr. Mallard is alive. Mrs. Mallard’s grieving was not “silent” nor “rageful”, and it is stated that she did love Mr. Mallard sometimes.

3. A
“Wares” are items for sale. “Crying his wares” means that the seller was advertising his items. 

4. B
Mrs. Mallard finally comes to terms with her husband’s death and becomes committed to living without him. 


5. A
The irony is that Mrs. Mallard’s husband is alive. There is no persuasion or argument, and alliteration requires the use of words with the same starting letter. 


6. C
Lines 34-38 suggest it was impossible to name.


7. A
B is too specific, C mentions prayer, which is not mentioned, and D implies distractions, which are not mentioned. 


8. D
Right after Mrs. Mallard sees her husband, she dies of a heart attack from the shock.


9. C
A and D are too specific: it is nature in general, not just the wind or the trees.


10. B
Lines 14-18 state this explicitly.

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