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Science Time Trials

Warm Up

1. A
This is a trap. Be sure to check the graph or table keys. Some students assume that the trend is increasing. When they check the keys, they see that it decreases from 2005 to 2013.

2. C
Note “Table 1” and “Alaska”. See that each interval is 50 units. The marked portion of the graph is about half the distance from 50 – 100, so estimate 25 metric tons. 30 is the closest response, so it has to be the right answer.


3. D

Note that “coal” is represented by black. Go through the answers and use POE (Process of Elimination). Once you have eliminated the first three, the last one must be the answer. Choose it and move on.


4. B
There is no table number, but scan quickly for the word “Texas”. Only table two includes “Texas”. Coal is black. The intervals are 100. The black covers 1½ intervals, so estimate 150 million metric tons. 140 is the closest.


5. C
Again there is no table number. Scan for “U.S.” and “District of Columbia”. Using Table 1, note that the District of Columbia is less than the U.S. average.


6. C
Notes that seem insignificant on ACT science REALLY matter. The key to this question is POE. Using the data, eliminate A and B. Note that the decrease is fairly rapid. D is likely too high, so C is the best choice.


7. A
This question involves a double POE. DON’T read the reasons first. Decide “Yes” or “No” and eliminate two answers. “Yes” is correct, so eliminate C and D. A has the most accurate explanation.

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